Furious Pinoys brawl inside shopping mall

Furious Pinoys brawl inside shopping mall

- A video of a brawl inside a shopping mall went viral

- The video shows their two female companions trying and failing to intervene and stop the fight

- No security guard arrived at the scene to stop the commotion

A video clip inside a shopping mall has gone viral, showing two men relentlessly fighting each other as their female companions were trying to stop them.

Furious Pinoys brawl inside shopping mall (Photo: Facebook)

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The video shows the two men in the middle of an argument which then turned into a physical fight.

Both of them were throwing vicious punches and kicks at each other before the fight became a grappling and wrestling match.

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Throughout the video, their two female companions can be seen and heard trying to intervene and stop the brawl.

Unfortunately, the video ended with no security guard arriving at the scene.

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Netizens slammed the two men for causing a commotion in a shopping mall.

Nagaway at nagsuntukan pa sa loob ng mall kung saan maraming mga bata na pwedeng makakita sa kanila. Matatanda na sila kaya dapat marunong na sila mag ayos ng problema sa pamamagitan ng kalmadong usapan,” a netizen posted.

(They fought and punched each other inside a mall where there were kids who might have witnessed their actions. They are adults so they should already have learned how to resolve issues through peaceful dialogue.)

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Check out another intense video below!

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