WATCH: New Nivea app can detect body odor

WATCH: New Nivea app can detect body odor

You no longer need a girlfriend to tell you that you smell bad, all that you need is a smartphone with an app from Belgium which claims that it can detect body odor for men by simply holding up your phone near your armpit!

“NOSE”, the name of the app, can detect whether or not you need a shower or a stick of deodorant. NOSE works with a special phone case that acts as a sensor.

It uses an algorithm of scents which they got from a worldwide testing from over 4000 men. NOSE also holds another special feature; the case that acts as a sensor, can detect smells by using chemical compounds.

The NOSE app was developed by German- based skin care company, NIVEA with the help of Vietnam-based I.T Company, Happiness FCB.

Basically, men usually have no idea when they smell awful. The other part of the problem is that our nose is so used to our own body odor that we cannot smell our own sweat,” Nivea Men’s explained.

With 40% less brain area perceiving odor versus females, the male olfaction is much less sensitive on average.  In order to give men more confidence, NIVEA MEN wanted to support men to control their body odor. "Today, we’re proud to present NOSE. A global innovation allowing smartphones to smell human male sweat and inform you if it’s OK, if it’s TIME or if it’s urgent. And if you happen to be a danger for your surroundings, NOSE connects you directly to the online store of NIVEA MEN. Deodorants in case of ‘it’s time’, shower gels in case of ‘it’s urgent’", said Nivea.

NOSE is said to be released next month, it will be available for both IOS app store and Google Play. The beta-version of NOSE was just demonstrated in Belgium recently and it would be further tested throughout the year.

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Do you think Smartphones can really replace human sense of taste , touch and smell?

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