Albie Casiño cuddles with gf in bed

Albie Casiño cuddles with gf in bed

- Albie Casiño posted a photo on Instagram with his girlfriend in bed

- Albie has been more open about her relationship after the “Who is the father of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter?” fiasco

- Some netizens found the photo awkward and posted negative remarks and criticisms

Actor Albie Casiño updated his Instagram with an intimate photo of him with his girlfriend in bed.

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The photo showed that Albie on top of his pretty girlfriend. The actor planted a kiss on her cheek. The caption reads, “My only Christmas wish is to be with you again.”

His previous posts hinted that the two will spend Christmas apart. The actor has been more open about his new relationship. On November 18, Albie posted a photo of him and model girlfriend Michelle Arceo kissing in Disneyland confirming their relationship following the controversial revelation of the real father of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter.

Albie Casiño’s name was dragged when the actress was reported pregnant that put him in the bad light. Albie was Andi’s boyfriend that time making him the prime suspect to be the father of Andi’s child. However, it was revealed that it was Jake Ejercito who impregnated the actress.

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Netizens are quick to react on Albie’s latest photo. Some people find the photo awkward and some commented that posting this kind of photos is the cause why Albie is rumoured getting girls pregnant. Others questioned if Michelle’s parents are ok seeing the boyfriend of their daughter posting this kind of photos.

Meanwhile, others think that we should be open minded since there is nothing sexual insinuated in the photo. Others pointed out that it is time for Albie to be happy since he has suffered so much for years that he is condemned as an irresponsible father.

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