Ganoon ba sila kababaw ngayon? - Roxas

Ganoon ba sila kababaw ngayon? - Roxas

ADMINISTRATION STANDARD BEARER Mar Roxas was spared no chance for a break after the last segment of the PiliPinas 2016 Presidential Debates, as Duterte supporters hounded Mar with allegations that he was cheating and had access to questions beforehand. No solid evidence has been presented, however, and merely allegations and conspiracy theories with no verifiable evidence have been presented. This led the Roxas camp to downplay and laugh at the allegations.

‘Ganoon na ba kababaw ang mga alegasyon ngayon?’

Roxas merely laughed at the conspiracy theories, comparing them to how his students react when there is a leakage during exams.

Wow! Ganoon na ba kababaw ang mga alegasyon ngayon, parang leakage, ano yan, parang college? Kung sino man ang gumagawa noon, hindi ba kayo nahihiya?” said Mar. He pointed out that news organizations would not risk their credibility to make such a stunt. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of those sharing the conspiracy were fanatic supporters of his rival, Rodrigo Duterte.

Akbayan representative Ibarra Gutierrez noted that the supporters of Duterte are bordering unreasonableness, not even acknowledging the performance of Mar as better than Duterte despite Dutete's continued use of sound bites minus the substance.

He denied that it was a scripted performance, and said that Mar simply was better prepared and more factual than Duterte.

I will say this: Walang katotohanan ang mga paratang na ‘yan. All the candidates where informed beforehand of the seven topics to be covered in the debate But I am no longer surprised that his haters will always invent some conspiracy in attempt to smear Mar and cover up the failings of their own candidate,” said Gutierrez.

He lamented on the downright double standards that Duterte supporters use on Mar, whilst not doing the same for their preferred candidate. Fanatic Duterte supporters in the internet are known for never giving an inch to Mar, even to the point of ridiculously ignoring facts.

Kung wala na lang talagang masabi dahil malinaw na malinaw kung sino ang mas magaling ang mga sagot, gagawa na lang ng ganitong klaseng kuwento. Pero sana naman, huwag nang sore loser. Just accept that Mar was the better man this time around,” he said.

Edwin Lacierda, presidential spokesperson, merely said that Duterte supporters are “lazy”, implying no genuine argument has been launched against Mar’s presidency.

Duterte has been criticized for his lack of knowledge on facts on the Philhealth beneficiaries issue in Davao city. The man is not known to use facts to forward his case, and most of the “facts” that Duterte uses is rightly matched by the administration who has access to a wide range of data. Still, Duterte still draws voters by simply giving soundbites.

Ang problema kay Digong at ang team nya, mahilig sa soundbite at tamad mag research,” he said.



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