Anne and Erwan rock the most fashionable couple outfits ever

Anne and Erwan rock the most fashionable couple outfits ever

- Anne Curtis revealed of her engagement to blogger/restaurateur Erwan Heussaff over the weekend

- The couple is known for their complementary but chic outfits, which will give anyone inspiration on how to dress with their significant others

- Most of their fashionable outfits were shot in scenic places all over the world

Long-time couple Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff has taken their relationship to the next level, as their engagement made rounds on social media over the weekend.

It has been a month since Erwan proposed to Anne, since both were in New York for the marathon the latter attended with her 'It's Showtime!' co-host Kuya Kim Atienza.

Since everyone knows that they are dating each other, it is no surprise that they share photos of themselves on their Instagram pages.

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Some of their couple shots are truly Instagram-worthy - aside from the breathtaking locations they are in, they also rocked the perfect outfits to go along with it.

Here are some of their outfits that are sure to give any couple inspiration on how to win at couple dressing.

Most of their photos are taken during their trips abroad - we advise couples to take note on what to wear in a specific country.

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They have also rocked one of the most adorable Halloween costumes ever - Anne as Eleven and Erwan as Dustin in Netflix's hit series 'Stranger Things'.

Here are more shots of them together abroad, wearing their best casual wear.

They have also dressed appropriately for their activities, since who wants to wear Daisy Dukes while scaling the mountains?

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Of course, they also know how to dress impeccably for fancy occasions, with Anne rocking goddess-like dresses and Erwan donning his finest suits.

Don't their outfits here foreshadow that they are about to get married soon?

The hype about their engagement might not have died down yet, but it is with good reason - everyone has been expecting the two to get married since their circle of friends have already done so.

Even if Erwan has not come into her life yet, Anne has already been considered as one of Manila's stylish actresses who can pull off both sweet and sultry looks.

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Anne and Erwan rock the most fashionable couple outfits ever


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