Who will Physics ‘Whiz Kid’ vote for president?

Who will Physics ‘Whiz Kid’ vote for president?

Mikki Fudolig is a young lady who was recently featured in the news as the Physics ‘Whiz Kid’ who, after finishing her Ph.D in Physics, passed the UP Law Entrance Exam this year. She is only 25 years old.

After the presidential debates, she posted a lengthy status update on Facebook, presenting her evaluation of the presidential candidates.

Right off the bat, she revealed that she was firmly against Vice President Jejomar Binay, and that she was willing to vote for anyone who had a chance at beating him. She also revealed that her 2010 presidential candidate was Gibo Teodoro, because she had no problems with him.

Her discussion on her four remaining eligible presidentiables started with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

She admitted that him being a “man of action” had great appeal, and likened him to her 2010 preferred vice president, Bayani Fernando. She appreciates his straightforwardness and transparency, and respects how he does not attempt to hide his misogynism or his brazen way of talking.

However, the real dealbreaker for Fudolig was the Mayor’s failure in diplomatic relations. She cannot see herself voting for a president who considers selling the Philippines to China, and who threatens to alienate its allies just because their ambassadors called him out for his rape joke. She approves of him and his prowess as Mayor, but does not believe he is fit to be president.

She then moved on to Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Fudolig’s concern with Santiago is not that she could die in office, but that the senator was no longer as sharp as she was, raising her doubts about Santiago’s health.

Fudolig also pointed out that Miriam had a questionable track record in staying true to her word.

For Senator Grace Poe, Fudolig starts by admitting that she was willing to “give this newbie a chance. After all, she will have advisers.”

However, she finds Poe’s inexperience in the debates evident. Poe criticized the Senate, when she, as a Senator, could have worked to make things better; she thought it was wiser for the President to not go to Zamboanga to rally troops; and she had difficulty answering Duterte’s question on providing a plan of action if ever China invaded the Philippines.

Mikki Fudolig acknowledges that Former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas has his own shortcomings – but she believes she is lucky to not have to line up for hours for the MRT and pray that it doesn’t break down, and that she has internet connection, even though it’s pricey and slow.

Her only problem with Roxas is his ties with his predecessor’s mistakes. To quote, “Abaya almost single-handedly destroyed LP in Metro Manila, and PNoy cannot let go of him apparently because of personal ties. And Mar said he will continue that.”

The concluding paragraphs of her post explain that despite her hatred for the DOTC mess, it cannot be fixed in 3-6 months – a reference to Mayor Duterte’s platform.

She goes on to point out that the economic gains of the past administration are undeniable and formidable.

See how expensive stores like Zara, Uniqlo, etc. proliferate? New malls everywhere? New condos sprouting like mushrooms? It hasn't trickled down to everyone, but it will take time.

At the end, she wrote that she had to make a choice between a candidate “guaranteed to be a PR disaster,”, another “guaranteed to be inexperienced,”, and a third who she worries about only because of his allegiance to his predecessor and his mistakes. She decided that among the three, the Mar-Leni tandem was the choice she could live with.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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