Kris Aquino defends herself amidst presidential chopper issue

Kris Aquino defends herself amidst presidential chopper issue

Kris Aquino defended herself on Instagram amidst presidential chopper issue.

After photos of Kris using the presidential chopper surfaced online last April 20, the host and sister of the president of the Philippines received flak from netizens nationwide. People have expressed their disappointment and disapproval of Kris using the chopper online.

Netizens have cried foul on Kris Aquino using the presidential chopper. They voiced out that this is an abuse of power on the president’s part for letting Kris Aquino ride the presidential chopper, which is only intended for the president.

Despite being defended by the President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino III, Mar Roxas, and Leni Robredo, people have still continued to criticize Kris online on all of her social media accounts.

A few days ago, Kris decided to defend herself from her bashers by posting photos on her Instagram account. She first posted a photo of herself with two sons, Josh and Bimbi, with the president himself all having fun and laughing. Kris captioned the photo: “Because we are #FAMILY.”

In her second photo, she posted a message with yellow background thanking her friends for supporting her in this time.

President Benigno Aquino has broken his silence regarding the issue and has said in a statement that Kris deserves to ride the presidential chopper because she is his sister and the next reason would be because she is one of the top taxpayers in the country.

On her third photo, she reiterated what her brother said and defended herself by declaring that she has been a top taxpayer ever since the year 2008. She posted how much she paid in taxes each year and even gave a total amount from the year 2008 until the present. She also accompanied her post with the hashtags #Truth and #HonestTaxPayer.

Do you think Kris Aquino deserved to ride the presidential chopper?


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