Scary dog fight inside computer shop caught on CCTV

Scary dog fight inside computer shop caught on CCTV

- CCTV footage of an insane dog fight inside a computer shop went viral

- The young computer shop customers panicked during the fight, with some of them running outside and others climbing on top of tables and chairs

- Fortunately, none of the customers was hurt during the dog fight

A scary but funny CCTV footage of two wild dogs fighting it out inside a computer shop filled with scared Filipino customers has swept the online community.

Scary dog fight inside computer shop caught on CCTV (Photo: YouTube)

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The video begins with the computer shop customers peacefully playing computer games. A few seconds later, a dog can be seen entering the computer shop.

It turned out that its rival dog is also inside the area. A sudden, shocking and wild dog fight ensued, forcing some of the customers to run out of the shop and the others to climb on top of the computer tables and chairs.

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Fortunately, the dogs eventually went outside with none of the customers bitten and hurt.

Many netizens found the video to be both scary and hilarious!

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“Nakakatakot yung away ng mga aso pero yung takot ng mga bata ay nakakataw rin,” a netizen said.

(The dog fight was scary but the children’s reaction to it is funny.)

Other netizens also made some sarcastic comments about the crazy video.

“Pag Dota kase, hindi na dapat mag trashtalkan para iwas gulo,” a social media user commented.

(When playing the DOTA computer game, there should be no trash-talking to avoid these kinds of fights.)

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