8 times Elisse Joson made us gasp with her gorgeousness

8 times Elisse Joson made us gasp with her gorgeousness

- It’s about time that people recognize the gorgeousness of Kapamilya actress Elisse Joson

- After starring in a reality show, she’s out to become the network’s next biggest actress

- Here are 8 photos why she’s easily one of the most gorgeous women in the industry

After her controversial stay at the Pinoy Big Brother House, Elisse Joson came out stronger, smarter, and more gorgeous than ever.

At first, Filipinos only knew her as the infamous broken hearted girl at the viral McDonalds advertisement, then she just surprised everyone upon joining a reality show.

When her colorful love life including both James Reid and Jerome Ponce was revealed, she started getting mixed reactions from people.

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However, Elisse doesn’t have any time to look back as she’s now being pushed by ABS-CBN as a talented actress in their roster.

Here are 8 photos of her that will make you see that she’s born to be a star.

1. Her smile could launch a thousand ships

Blessed with mestiza features and a face that could only be as big as our palm, she’s indeed gorgeous. However, her best asset would have to be her megawatt smile that’s infectious to everyone who sees it.

2. She’s the perfect endorser

The fact that one of the biggest restaurant chains commissioned her was already a good proof to back up this claim. Even though her beauty stands out, Elisse still has the ability to make everyone relate to her.

See her glamorously give a new twist to the usual black choker.

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3. Elisse is a classy act

When she arrived in this gorgeous princess gown, everyone turned their heads. She didn’t need to wear a lot of accessories and heavy makeup to accentuate her beauty. She even ended up as Pond’s “Beautiful Belle of the Night.”

4. She can rock a cap and a pair of jeans everyday

Depending on her mood, Elisse can go from girly to edgy in a day. No worries! She rocks the look either way. All she needed was a stunning black top and she’s good to go.

5. She nailed her messy-hair-don’t-care look

Even with a messy hair, she still managed to take good photos while charming the cameras. It will be hard to look away from her expressive eyes.

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6. Isn’t that the cutest bun you have ever seen?

If we’re Elisse’s glam team, imagine how easy our job would be! Every hairstyle and look just fits her.

7. Time to warm up the cold weather!

Just in time for the gloomy weather, this throwback photo of Elisse showed why she’s a true babe in the beach.

8. Are you curious if she’s just as gorgeous without the makeup?

Obviously, yes. While candidly posing for the perfect selfie, she didn’t have any problem posting a photo of her bare face. She’s one of those people who just have a natural blush on her face.

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Another gorgeous Filipina is no other than Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Together with her reel love team Mccoy De Leon, Elisse will be appearing on ABS-CBN’s hit show, “Ang Probinsyano.”

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