Thief caught and beaten to near death

Thief caught and beaten to near death

- A thief was caught and almost beaten to death

- Authorities seem to have let the beating happen

- Concerned citizens argue whether beating the person was morally correct.

A video of a thief beaten till he was bloody and broken has been circulating online.

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Thief caught and beaten to near death
Thief caught and beaten to near death (Screenshot from Boy Bastos on Youtube)

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In the video posted by "Boy Bastos" on youtube, a thief is seen bound at the back. His entire body is covered in blood while the audience jeer and insult the man.

According to reports, the man was caught stealing and was beaten up by the concerned citizens.

Although the authorities arrived, it seemed that they did not try to stop the beating.

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Later on, a couple of men carried the thief and put him in a tricycle, which is presumed to bring hi, to the police station.

While in the tricycle, a man goes and stamps on the thief in front of several police men, who did nothing to stop the violence.

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WATCH the video below. Viewer discretion is advised:

Thief caught and beaten to near death


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