Pinoy teens play rock-paper-scissors with painful twist

Pinoy teens play rock-paper-scissors with painful twist

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video contains themes, images and language that may not be suitable for minors. Parental guidance is strongly advised

A video of two Filipino teens playing rock-paper-scissors with a twist by flicking the loser’s balls went viral, with netizens finding the clip both funny and disgusting.

Pinoy teens play rock-paper-scissors with painful twist (Photo: Facebook)

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The video shows the two teenagers engaging in the classic game we have all seen before, but the consequences for losing are more painful and unique than ever before.

Both teens suffer losses throughout the game, but the one on the left side of the screen seems to have gotten the worst of it.

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Every time their balls get flicked, the teens had no choice but to scream in agony.

Netizens were both disgusted and amused by the viral video.

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“Ang mga lalaking magkakaibigan ay nagkakasama sama, ganiyan talaga kasaya,” a netizen said.

On the other hand, several social media users slammed the teens for their unruly behavior.

“Yan ang nagagawa ng boredom, kung anu anong kabalastugan ang pinag gagagawa,” a social media user posted.

(That is what boredom does, it makes people do foolish things.)

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