Baby Feather is the cutest with her adorable trick

Baby Feather is the cutest with her adorable trick

- John Prats and Isabel Oli’s daughter Lily Feather wins the hearts of netizens with her trick

- The former uploaded a charming video of his daughter performing ‘beautiful eyes’

- The post has nearly reached 80k views

Picture this: You spend the entire day stressing out over work or on your studies. You arrive home, and with the purpose to relax, check your social media profiles but only get absorbed into another series of toxic debates and problems over current events.

Not the ideal way to take breather, right? So here’s a proposal.

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Log on to your Instagram account and follow celebrity parents John Prats and Isabel Oli to have a regular serving of cuteness from their lovely daughter, Lily Feather!

One of their most recent uploads, just this afternoon, showcases a simple yet irresistibly adorable trick of batting her eyelashes.

Lily Feather’s grandmother voices out our desires of requesting another round of her trick – and again, and again.

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Although her version of ‘beautiful eyes’ looks like a cross of it and a ‘gigil’ face, nobody actually minds!

Even web users could not hold their selves back as they gushed on how charming Lily Feather was. The comments section nearly exploded with hundreds of comments, and the video being repeatedly played for nearly 80,000 views as of writing.

However, it was not the first time Lily Feather captured the attention of netizens. John and Isabel should be thanked for that!

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Look at those chubby and pinkish cheeks! Just a reminder: control yourselves!

Even mommy Isabel could not keep it in as she playfully kisses her daughter.

You’re definitely among the top ranks of our favorite celebrity babies!

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Baby Feather is the cutest with her adorable trick
Baby Feather is the cutest with her adorable trick

Another celebrity kid you should be checking out is Camille Prats’ son, Nathan!

Lily Feather is currently 7 months old.


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