If you answer "Yes" to these 9 questions, then you are ready for marriage

If you answer "Yes" to these 9 questions, then you are ready for marriage

Do you think that you have finally found your another half? Are you sure that you are ready to build a family? Before taking such a fateful decision, take a look at the list of questions that was created by a woman who has been married for 25 years. If you answer all of them honestly, it will be easier for you to make the correct choice.


1. Have your relations passed the stage when you have spent all your free time in bed with your beloved partner?

This is wonderful, if this is so, because the Hollywood movies and real life are not the same. You have to love this person despite your bed affairs, or your future family life will quickly ruin. Apart from physical attraction, there should also be mental and spiritual relationship.

2. Are you 25?

Scientists came to the conclusion that our brain develops completely only at the age of 25. Until this, our decisions are not always correct.

3. Do you know his/her disadvantages?

If no, it is time to look at the situation rationally: it is impossible to find a person who would have been flawless. However, it is important for you to define for yourself right now if you can deal with his disadvantages or not, before you get married.

4. So, do you agree to live with his rats in the attic or you simply hope to change them?

Remember once and forever (and these are the words of the person who is married for 25 years for now): if you get parried hoping that you will change this person to your vision, you doom yourself on disappointment in advance.

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If you answer "Yes" to these 9 questions, then you are ready for marriage

5. Did you already discuss the topics of children and faith?

Will you have children? If yes, then how many? How will you bring them up? The topic of faith should also be discussed in advance, because it is really sad to see how marriage partners become strangers on this ground. That is why it is important to create the family with the person who has the same points of view as you do.

6. How do you see the distribution of budget and household chores?

Speak about this openly and honestly. Find out who will support your family, and who will deal with household chores. How will you support each other in cases if the career of one of you goes up or goes down?

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7. Can you imagine yourself walking hand by hand when you are 60?

The good and happy marriage is the marathon that you need to know how to pass. You need to know how to enjoy the presence of each other to live together for many years.


8. Did you discuss the issue of faith?

Actually, you need this to delimit yourself of possible disappointment. You need to talk what you are expecting from marriage and will you manage to live with treason. Will you manage to remain in love with each other when beauty starts to fade? This seems to be a trifle, but it is really important!

9. What do you like in life and how do you prefer to spend your time?

You need to ask this question to yourself. Is your another half in the list of your goals and priorities? And, what is more important, is he or she ready to accept what you love? Not many people can selflessly put everything they love on the altar of love and not to turn into manipulators in result.


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