Mineski bows out to Complexity in ESL Day 2

Mineski bows out to Complexity in ESL Day 2


In an epic three round match, PH team Mineski bows out to North American team Complexity in Day two of the ESL 2016 Manila tournament. The final score was a 2-1, Complexity winning the first and third match against the Philippine favorite in their own hometown.

Early advantage, but Complexity took late game

In round one of the qualifier, the final score between the two teams was 30-34, round going to Complexity. The bans in the first round were Earth Spirit, Lone Druid, Broodmother, Faceless Void, and Clinkz from Mineski. Complexity, meanwhile banned the Enchantress, Bounty Hunter Alchemist, Death Prophet, and Spectre.

Mineski picked Nature's Prophet, Witch Doctor, Queen of Pain, Night Stalker, and Phantom Lancer as their heroes. Complexity, meanwhile, chose Invoker, Doom, Lich, Slardar, and Axe for their heroes.

In round 1, Mineski took the early advantage playing aggressively and winning in clashes against Complexity, surprising the North American team. While Complexity's heroes had gained more experience until around 13 minutes into the game, this took a dramatic shift when Mineski's coordinated clashes started pounding the North American team and they begun racking up massive gold and experience that gave them a solid lead from 15 minutes into the game until the 25th minute mark.

All that advantage began to change when in the late game Mineski had trouble coordinating their attacks, somtimes to the point of hesitation, to push through to Complexity's base. This gave Complexity enough time to regroup and pick off Mineski's heroes one by one, racking up gold in order to buff their characters with items.

A bloody give and return kill action was seen in the late game, mostly favoring Complexity. Near the end of the game, Complexity had retaken the advantage and solidly emerged victorious despite an early game lead from Mineski.

Mineski bows out to Complexity in ESL Day 2

Aggressive comeback

After a loss in the first round, Mineski gave it their all in round 2. Match 2 saw an aggressive comeback by Mineski, despite a solid defense mounted by Complexity. Mineski chose to keep Nature's Prophet and Witch Doctor in their roster, replacing the rest with Puck, Alchemist (which was previously banned by Complexity in the first game), and Vengeful Spirit. Team Complexity chose to keep Invoker, while replacing the rest with Phantom Lancer, Chen, Batrider, and Tusk.

The bans for game 2 were Faceless Void, Encantress, Drow Ranger, Spectre, Slark, Bounty Hunter, Earth Spirit, Lone Druid, Dark Seer, and Clinkz.

Mineski saw to it that they would give round 2 a fighting chance. The audience cheered louder than the first round, many of whom are fans of Mineski, a hometown and crowd favorite. The entire arena was packed with fans who were watching the game's every clash and cheering as their favorite team completes a kill against the other side.


Round 3 however, was unkind to Mineski despite having the momentum on their backs. The setback that put Complexity back into equal footing with Mineski forced them to devise a new strategy for the final round. Mineski fought valiantly, but was ultimately at a draft disadvantage against the picks of Complexity. There wasn't much highlights in the Mineski-Complexity final round, as Complexity picked apart Mineski like clockwork. Eventually, Complexity won the final round, much to the sadness of the fans in the arena, now silent. Complexity however, was a good sport and offered kind words to both Mineski and their fans. They gained the respect of the audience not just purely for their skills as professional gamers but being an excellent sportsman.

You can view a more comprehensive analysis for round 1 and 2 here.


Source: Kami.com.ph

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