Want to defend Duterte from black propaganda?

Want to defend Duterte from black propaganda?

DISCLAIMER: The views of the writer do not necessarily reflect the views of Kami.com.ph. More importantly, this article was not a product of paid propaganda, or at least that's what the writer said while treating the whole staff in Yellow Cab.

Just in case you took it seriously, I'm more of a there's-some-leftover-pizza-from-my-roommate's-friend kind of person.

I'm writing this out of my own free will, partly because I'm afraid of how close minded we are becoming, and more because I know internet traffic is powered by the wrath of hardcore Duterte supporters.

This article does not only apply to the supporters of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Almost every one of the presidential and vice presidential candidates, or at least their supporters, cry out propaganda in the face of controversy.

But since recent events have focused the spotlight on the tough talking candidate who can pull off a bloody miracle in 6 months, I'd like to talk about him.

Recently, he said a lot of derogatory things which he attributed to gutter language, although others might prefer to attribute it to being an asshole.

He also had been criticized for millions of undeclared wealth, which he had already admitted to, despite his inconsistency, that the funds came from good friends who wanted to donate to his charity of political ambitions.

But from what I've read in a lot of comment sections, many supporters dismiss all the hate Duterte is receiving as some form of propaganda. After all, haters gonna hate, right?

Want to defend Duterte from black propaganda?

I was worried this picture would be too graphic. But I forgot I was speaking to people who are supporting a proud blood-hungry vigilante.

Why is that bad?

Let me explain in terms everyone could relate to.

Falling in love with someone can make an Alma Moreno sound like a Karen Davila. But in this case, you're in a relationship with someone who jokes about raping you, but in a very loving manner (Duterte fans, chill. I know where you're coming from).

All forms of opposition to that relationship, even legitimate ones that concern your best interest, are seen under the mindset of "you and me against the world."

This means you could never see the error of your candidate's ways, and therefore you are reduced to nothing more than a blind follower.

This argument applies to any of your candidates. May it be Poe's citizenship, Roxas' work in the Yolanda aftermath, Binay's overpriced buildings, Defensor's worsening health, or Allan Carreon's failure to stop Darth Vader's son from running in the vice presidential elections.

Want to defend Duterte from black propaganda?

CLARIFICATION: He is not his father's sins. He is a whole new evil on his own.

It's better to take the bad things about your candidate objectively, and assess it as a form of trade-off for a greater good that only he/she could offer.

Otherwise, you're just gonna believe that everything he says is true.

Hindi aabot ng million, I will assure you, kailan ko pa kayo binola?” Duterte said this, when asked if his account reached a million in cash deposit last April 27. In those two accounts, he said he only had  P 17,000 and P50,000, respectively.

“Basta malaman ninyo na hindi talaga umabot sa 211 [million pesos]. A little lesser," 2 days later, he contradicts himself. So I'm guessing a safe estimate is 210 million pesos?

Eh di ibig sabihin marami akong kaibigan na mayaman… Eh ano pa, alangan naman hinoldup ako," again about friendship. In my experience, good friends don't really give you money. It's more like the other way around.

If you still think he's saying the truth, if you still believe in him despite his own contradictions, then I have news for you.

That's what you call propaganda.



Source: Kami.com.ph

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