Marcos supporters warn to sexually harass non-Marcos loyalist

Marcos supporters warn to sexually harass non-Marcos loyalist

- The long-standing war between Marcos loyalists and non-Marcos loyalists is going too far

- A young female anti-Marcos activist is reaping lascivious, inhumane comments and even rape threats from lewd Marcos supporters after a random photo of her was shared online

- Nevertheless, some civil and morally upright netizens came to her rescue

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Gaps between Marcos supporters and anti-Marcos forces continue to widen.

The nation reacted in extreme shock after the news about the secret burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. at the Libingan ng mga Bayani came out on Friday, November 18.

Facebook user John Paul R. Bicerra shared on Freedom Society public group a side by side photo of a young anti-Marcos female and an old pro-Marcos male from the groups of rallyists during the military burial for Marcos.

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Some pro-Marcoses evidently were making fun of the young anti-Marcos lady, attacking her below the belt, calling her degrading names and even threatened her to be raped.

Eric Voltaire de Leon said: "Ganda nito ahhh. Future pornstar. Sarap putukan sa bibig. Come to papa, I'll fill your mouth, and pockets, too."

Calvin Castro Menrige replied: "E di gang bangin yan haha para hindi kakagat. Tali natin siya (Let's gang bang her so she won't be able to bite. Let's tie her up)."

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Chriscor Jones commented on the same post: "Magakno per hour (How much are you paid per hour?) to which Menrige replied: "Sarap kantutin shet (It would be delcious to have sex with her *expletive*)

There comments on the post were deleted but screenshots were taken and were posted by Facebook page Assortedge.

Here's another set of lewd comments from the same thread.

On the other hand, several Facebook users condemned the act of brutality and idiocy committed by the lower levels of creation.

Eric Martinez Rivera: "If one is able to even think of hurting another person, they are no less than a criminal. Raping a women just because of what they beleive in? Really?! If your being funny, no one is laughing. Dapat turuan ng leksyon ang mga yan. We have the freedom to express our opinion, but freedom of expression comes with a responsibility and consequences. They need to learn that lesson."


Vincent Aranilla Leynes: "Puwede namang mag-oppose without being bastos. Seriously, there are times I am hating on select political figures on account of their foul-mouthed supporters. Salungat man sa paniniwala mo, babae pa rin naman na dapat iginagalang..."


Tricia Aleena: "Parang i want to save these screenshots and send it to their families so they know how vile their husbands, brothers and fathers are. Napaka walangya. Mahiya man lang sila sa pamilya nila."


Meanwhile, Facebook user John Molo, who is a lawyer, offered free service to anyone who might experience the same form of harassment.


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