7 instances Maine and Coleen are the ultimate sister goals

7 instances Maine and Coleen are the ultimate sister goals

- Maine and Coleen Mendoza have charmed the netizens with their beauty and wit

- Their closeness has been apparent and a lot have expressed their fondness with the two

- Here are some photos of them being their natural goofy and pretty selves

Step aside Barretto and Gutierrez clans, the entertainment industry has discovered another pair of siblings that could easily match the good genes they have to offer – they are no other than Maine and Coleen from the Mendoza family.

The younger of the two has gained her popularity from becoming an online trending topic to a global sensation after claiming the name “Yaya Dub.” Although it was not the same path for Coleen, web users have started to notice her as well given her good looks and charming personality.

Torn on who to pick as your favorite? Here’s the good news: you don’t have to choose! This pair shows us that they’re better together than being sold separately.

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1. For starters, Maine and Coleen has absolutely zero necessity for make-up. Why? Check out this photo of them bare-faced and casually chilling inside their car. For some reason, we’re dying to know what goes on when it’s just the two of them around – it’s full of girl talk, for sure!

2. Even with their goofy faces, these ladies are stunners! Nevermind that they have no sort of beauty product on (we’ve established that with the first photo), but when they still look gorgeous with their tongues sticking out and their noses crunched up, that’s unfair already!

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3. They can be sexy and alluring too if they want. Maine and Coleen shows us how to pout those lips and rock a filter like they just stepped out from a shoot.

4. While Coleen teaches us the importance of natural beauty here, Maine has no trouble rocking bold red lippies and glamorous lashes. With them, it’s safe to say that either look is goals!

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5. What do you expect? With their closeness and the large amount of secrets they probably share, they’d be by each other’s side on the most special day of their lives – even though it’s for the show purposes only.

6. Oops, good genes do not only run with Maine and Coleen, but with their older sister Nicolette as well.

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7. But where would they get those breathtaking looks? From Mama Dub, of course!

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Speaking of having a beautiful mother, here are other fabulous moms!

Aside from Maine also has two brothers, Nicodeim Dean and Nicolas Dynn.

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