5 myths about Ceasarian section that need to be forgot

5 myths about Ceasarian section that need to be forgot

Ceasarian section is a surgical operation, when the baby is delivered through an incision in the womb. Sometimes it is called artificial delivery, as doctors surgically assist the mother to have a baby. In some cases, this operation is the only way to save the mother and child, but it is often berformed by a woman’s request in order to avoid long, painful delivery. The subject has aroused a lot of discussion, and many mythis surround it. Here are 5 of them.

5 myths about Ceasarian section that need to be forgot

1. Caesarians are hyperactive

It’s worth to mention, that CS may cause children’s hyperactivity (ADHD) but not in every case. Firstly, a child may not have this issue, secondly, hyperactivity cn be handled by proper treatment and care.

2. Ceasarians need special development programs

In most cases, such children develop normally. Surely, doctors watch children born with the help of CS, especially pediatricians and neuropathologists, but this is just an extra precautionary measure. When a child has a developmental impairment, there are much more causes of it than CS.

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3. Caesarians are physically retarded

In this case, several factors may cause delay in physical development; late first breath, delivery waters in air passages, negaitive influence of anesthesia on nervous system. Actually, all of them don’t mean at all that the child is going to be retarded. Such kids are at risk of growth and weight retardation. But it all depends on whether the CS was planned or done in emergency.  In second case, the baby’s body is simply not ready, that increases the risk but dosn’t make it a doom.

4. Caesarians cry more often


When delivered naturally, the baby has great stress, that activates different hormones and neurophysiological processes. As a result, the psyche becomes more sustanable and adoptable, while babies born with CS don’t have this stress and their nervous system is depressed. It can result in different issues, but CS is just one factor of many, not a sine qua non.

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5. A mom won’t have milk and the baby will develop worse

Research shows, that “caesarian” babies have their brain condition improved in 9–10 days after delivery, while with naturally born children it happens in the first day. Sometimes, operation interferes with lactation, so there is no milk in the breast by the time of delivery. It’s also likely, that breastfeeding will be prohibited because of potent antibiotics proscribed to the mother. Breastfeeding is beneficial for baby’s development, so it is much better when the mother can feed it herself.

There are risks in any operation, so they must be considered. But still, CS doesn’t always mean negative effects. Good doctors and childcare is all that matters.


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