Scarlet Snow takes over Paris during the holidays

Scarlet Snow takes over Paris during the holidays

- Through her Instagram account, Scarlet Snow shared her cute antics while staying in the city of Paris

- Although she got into a minor accident, it didn’t stop her from consuming all the sweets that she can

- Scarlet is still the most followed PH celebrity baby on Instagram

Everyone has a different way of spending their time leisurely. Some would choose a trip outside with friends while some would rather stay at the comforts of their homes.

If you would ask us, we lighten up our days by strolling through Scarlet Snow’s Instagram feed. There’s a 100% guarantee that you would end up with smiles and a happier disposition upon spending your time watching her videos.

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It also helps that her parents make it a point to tell the story behind her photos or videos in their captions.

Lately, our favorite celebrity kid brought her cuteness all the way to the city of love, Paris.

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We think that bed is way too large for her but it doesn’t matter because she seems to be enjoying it a lot.

After recharging for the night, Scarlet had enough energy to run around the park while chasing birds. Unfortunately for our little girl, she fell and scraped her legs. It’s a good thing that she’s wearing leggings! While cleaning her wound with alcohol, Scarlet was brave enough to not cry.

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Crisis averted! Even though she got hurt, Dr. Hayden Kho shared that his daughter still enjoyed her macaroons right after the incident. He even pointed out that she consumed too much to the point of her cheeks getting plumper.

Later on, the effect of her sweets finally took place as she charmed everyone in this video. Look at her adorably clinking glasses with her uncle. It didn’t end there as she also greeted everyone in the room out of nowhere.

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We can’t wait to see more snippets of her in this trip!

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If you can’t get enough of Scarlet, you can also follow her parents’ Instagram accounts for more updates. Check out, @dochayden and @victoria_belo.


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