9 times Maine Mendoza's sister Coleen stole the spotlight. She is nice!

9 times Maine Mendoza's sister Coleen stole the spotlight. She is nice!

- Coleen Mendoza’s beauty and wit has captured the attention of thousands

- Not to mention, her lovable personality and great sense of style are huge pluses to boot

- Here are 9 guaranteed reasons to love her even more

Everybody knows Maine Mendoza who became famous internationally as the epic Yaya Dub. Her huge following on social media and the attention she has been receiving from global artists are more than enough proofs for that.

But amidst her posts and updates, most can’t help but notice a particular woman in her life who deserves the same amount of popularity as hers – and that’s her sister, Coleen.

So fret no more because if you are one of those who have been noticing the pretty lady even way back then, we’re giving you additional reasons to like her even more.

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1. Dressing up in Filipiniana may be a foolproof plan on looking well-coordinated and classy, but Coleen takes it a notch higher when she shined through despite her simplicity.

2. However, when the opportunity arrives for her to showcase her personal style, Coleen also knows how to work it. Apart having no trouble following the trend, she also easily manages to incorporate her own taste in fashion to it.

3. Although the spotlight is supposed to be focused on Maine during her ‘wedding’ with Alden, it’s just difficult not to give credit to how Coleen also looks bride-worthy on that special day.

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4. Even beside a glamorous ‘Yaya Dub,’ Coleen matches up to her beauty sans make-up. It makes you appreciate her natural youthful glow, doesn’t it?

5. While most would appear haggard and sleepless for days when they try to catch up to little kids, Coleen effortlessly slays the task. Aren’t wacky poses meant to make you look silly? It’s a different case for her, though.

6. By now, you should have already understood how huge of a role their family is playing in their lives. Seeing them closely connected with one another like this just added a lot of points to her qualities.

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7. Sorry to break to those who wish to court Coleen, but she’s already in a steady and healthy relationship. Just like Alden and Maine, would they tie the knot anytime soon?

8. And yes, the girl works! There are a lot of people who are convinced that their family is already well off and has no need to grind like the rest of the population. But hey, a woman who values hard work and success is someone to look up to.

9. There’s only one problem, though. Ladies, she’s our rival when it comes to Big Boss!

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Another fabulous woman is Margaret Kenyatta.

Coleen is older than Maine and graduated with an accountancy degree which she have successfully passed the board exam with.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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