Malaysian woman mourns over the loss of her 7 cats

Malaysian woman mourns over the loss of her 7 cats

- Animal cruelty continues to be one of the world's biggest problems

- A Malaysian netizen shared the loss of her seven cats on Facebook, which she claimed to be poisoned

- Two of her killed cats are still missing

If there is one thing in the world that should be stopped, it is animal cruelty.

No animal deserves to be treated inhumanly, since we are all created to co-exist with each other.

However, there are some who do not have compassion towards God's creations - such as this person who poisoned and killed somebody's cats.

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A netizen who goes by the name of Chris Swit, whom we believe is Malaysian due to some of her posts and comments to her friends, shared her devastating news on her Facebook page.

She claimed that she lost seven of her cats, two of which have not been found. She assumed that they were poisoned and even has a message for the culprit.

"To those who dare to poisoned my cats... I pray that God will 'take care' of u...," before naming four of the cats she lost.

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She ended her message with the hashtags #ripmydearestcats and #thetruthwillcomesup, which sums up both of her sentiments.

Chris' post was accompanied by two images and a video which prove of her traumatic loss.

In one photo, she has photographed her five dead cats that still managed to look orderly in a row.


These helpless cats were allegedly poisoned.

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In the other photo, she took a close-up shot of their food, which looked like it had rat poison mixed in.


Why would someone mix rat poison with cat food?

The one and only video she shared is enough to make you weep - it shows one of her cats still struggling to survive despite its terrible condition.

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We can hear someone weeping in the background, which we presume is her.

The perpetrator has not been found yet but we hope that he or she will apologize to Chris as soon as he or she can. After all, pets are a part of the family - grieving over them takes time or even years.

If only somebody who cared about her cats was there to save them, then they would have lived - just like this drowning man who saved by a baby elephant.

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Malaysian woman mourns over the loss of her 7 cats

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