Nobody can separate Baby Olivia from her fully furnished kitchen set

Nobody can separate Baby Olivia from her fully furnished kitchen set

- Baby Olivia refused to leave a store for an hour because of a kitchen set that caught her eye

- She was having the time of her life playing house

- Her mother Andi shared the incident on both of their Instagram profiles

Remember back when you were still little and you have this one toy you're extremely obsessed with? That if it were up to you, letting go of it is not even an option? And yes, that includes bathroom breaks.

While that particular object may simply be a doll or a toy car, Baby Olivia faces an entirely different scenario.

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Mommy Andi Manzano shared the cutest mishap when they took a trip to a certain store a couple of days ago.

On one of her recent posts on Instagram, Andi uploaded a photo of Baby O deeply engrossed with a posh and fully furnished kitchen set - it even has its own cupcakes that are ready to be eaten! (Well, not literally, you get what we mean.)

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Although it is adorable for most part, Andi wrote the dilemma they experienced on the caption. Apparently, Baby O refused to be separated from her kitchen for over an hour.

After seeing this video posted on the little girl's own social media profile, we totally begin to understand why.

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The little girl kept on walking around the set as if she actually owns the place. Not to mention, she opens drawers and cupboards as if she has memorized everything like the palm of her hand.

With Baby O chanting “kitchen set” repeatedly, we bet that her parents could not refuse buying her one as their Christmas present.

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If that set has inspired you to cook a meal this moment, why not check out this recipe?

Baby Olivia is born to VJ Andi Manzano and businessman GP Reyes. Though she is only about to turn 2, her huge following on social media is a different thing.

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