Tricycle driver saved by quick thinking

Tricycle driver saved by quick thinking

- On the road, there are bound to be accidents

- Quick thinking is key to avoiding life and death situations

- This tricycle driver's quick reflexes saved her life

Sometimes, it is inevitable to have accident on the road. The breaks of the car may malfunction, or a tire could explode.

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Tricycle driver saved by quick thinking

Tricycle driver saved by quick thinking (Screenshot from youtube)

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In these moments, it is crucial to think quick on your feet to escape those moments.

A video has been circulating online and has gone viral of a tricycle driver whose quick thinking saved her life from death.

A Chinese woman named Wang from Wenzhou, Zhejian Province, was driving her tricycle when a large truck lost control.

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As the truck was barreling straight for her, Wang quickly jumped out of her tricycle. One second later, she could have been dead. Her split second reflexes definitely saved her from a sure death.

Despite suffering injuries and some scrapes, Wang is recovering and very much alive.

Netizens were quick to praise her quick thinking and everyone was reminded to remain vigilante on the road. After all, anything can happen.

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WATCH the near death experience below:

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Tricycle driver saved by quick thinking

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