Tough chief Bato stars in his first film

Tough chief Bato stars in his first film

- PNP Chief Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa has become a television fixture, appearing both in the news and various shows

- The macho chief will appear in his first film 'Isang Araw, Tatlong Yugto', which wil lbe directed by TV and radio host Daniel Razon

- The film advocates our police forces, who have been misjudged by the public

The constant television appearances should have prepared us for this happening - PNP Chief Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa is going to star in his first film.

The tough but humorous chief will star in 'Isang Araw, Tatlong Yugto', which will be written and directed by Daniel Razon.

The movie is not any ordinary action-packed film - it is an advocacy film to support our police forces.


Daniel Razon interviews the PNP chief when he appeared on his show.

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In an interview with UNTV, Dela Rosa commended the film's theme since it will help change the public image of the police - commonly deemed as corrupt, extortionists, and gratuitously violent insted of being sympathetic public servants.

Even if he has zero acting experience, the macho chief shared that his role did not require any since he was just being himself.

"Actually, I was not acting. I'm just doing what I am just doing. My daily routine, my daily activities. I'm just being me and my normal self."

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He is grateful for the opportunity given to him by Kuya Daniel, who has helped him get his message across to the public.

"Masaya, at least through this picture, maiparating natin sa taongbayan ang gusto nating iparating na mensahe. Malaking karangalan itong pagkakataong ibinigay niyo sa akin," he said.

(I'm happy, at least through this picture, that we will be able to get our message across to everyone. It is a great honor to be involved with the film.)


We hope that the film will show the police in a new and better light - which we also hope other police will do in real life.

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He encouraged everyone to watch his upcoming film, which will also inspire them to join them in the war against drugs.

However, he claimed that it was not propaganda but a representation of our harrowing reality.

We cannot wait to see the result of this film, which might prove that Bato has what it takes to become our full-blooded version of The Rock - an action star with a mean humor to boot.

Even if Bato's upcoming film will be action-packed, we do not expect these near-to-death experiences to appear in it.

Watch the complete interview of UNTV with the PNP chief, which will make you anticipate his first foray into acting.

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Tough chief Bato stars in his first film


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