8 undeniably delightful photos of Baby Primo to complete your day

8 undeniably delightful photos of Baby Primo to complete your day

- Baby Primo has earned a lot of followers by simply being charming

- Iya Villania and Drew Arellano have been actively sharing photos of their little boy

- The firstborn is mostly known for his smirks and goofy facial expressions

A few months after Iya Villania and Drew Arellano celebrated the birth of their firstborn, Baby Primo has already found fame.

The nearly 3-month old built a solid fan base without even trying! All he has to do is laugh, make silly photos, and charm the social media world.

Try not to be too absorbed into the cuteness that Baby Primo has to offer in these 8 posts – all credit goes to his parents!

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1. Right off the bat, we’re already serving you the primary reason why Baby Primo is bound to be a beautiful man in the future – and we’re not simply talking about his good looks. This little one seems to already know the secret on how to woo a woman.

2. If you don’t believe us, Baby Primo has no problem convincing you otherwise. Can you imagine being the recipient of that sideway glance?

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3. Just look at this: good luck resisting that smile. You’d probably be a puddle of kilig with how this boy could melt you in only a laugh.

4. Even when he’s having his nap time or in the middle of what appears to be a bad dream, one can’t help but have the urge to give Baby Primo a quick peck on the cheek or a hug.

5. Burping doesn’t seem so bad when you’re taking care of a potential ladies’ man! Alright, Baby Primo, we get the point. Stop trying to kill us out of being adorable!

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6. Some babies distort their faces when crying. Meanwhile, this little one right here is a natural – he knows how to simply pout. It’s difficult to resist giving him what he wants all the time once he shows that face. Good luck, Iya and Drew.

7. Having a source for happiness daily can be pretty stressful for the couple, so we totally understand why Iya can no longer fight that voice that keeps on telling her to give in to Baby Primo’s charm.

8. 5 words: Literally a bundle of joy.

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Baby Primo was born by the end of August this year.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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