Nathalie Hart ditches boyfriend for JC De Vera's kiss

Nathalie Hart ditches boyfriend for JC De Vera's kiss

- Actress Nathalie Hart revealed during the pocket presscon for Tisay that she has broken up with her Lebanese boyfriend, and that it was because of JC de Vera

- The sexy star admitted that her ex-boyfriend had made her choose between himself and JC de Vera, and she had picked JC

- She justified her choice by saying that she is very young, and that if her boyfriend will not guarantee marriage, she is not willing to risk her future

Nathalie Hart reveals her personal picks between love and work at the pocket presscon for Tisay.

According to Nathalie, when faced with the dilemma of choosing between her boyfriend and a kiss from JC de Vera, she picked JC and his kiss, which led to the breakup between herself and her Lebanese boyfriend.


JC de Vera and Nathalie Hart Photo credit: Coolman0304 blogspot

"Nalaman niyang may kissing scene ako kay JC (de Vera) sa Tisay, sabi niya sa akin, it’s either you pick that job or you pick me. Sabi ko, I pick my job. Siyempre, naloka siya," the Tisay sexy star said.

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She justified her choice by saying that if she will be in a relationship that would make her stop working, the person who is making the demand had better provide for her.

She also expressed the same sentiments to her ex-boyfriend, saying, "If I don’t work, ano yung panggastos ko, ibibigay mo ba sa akin yung panggastos ko?"

The sexy actress shared that she understood her ex-boyfriend's conservative beliefs but she reiterated her concern for the future, when they part ways and decided to keep the job.

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"Paano kung naghiwalay kami after two years, eh, di saan ako pupunta, sa kangkungan? Wala naman akong ipon, yung ipon ko puro palabas ngayon kasi maraming gastos, Dyusko day, huwag na lang!” she exclaimed.

Nathalie is playing the street smart bookie in Tisay, who fell in love with the idealistic basketball player portrayed by JC de Vera. Also in the film are Joel Torre, Gerard Acao, Mailes Kanapi, and Isabelle Granada.

The Alfonso Torre film, Tisay will be screened at CinemaOne Originals festival from November 14 to 22.

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Here is the full trailer for Tisay.

Just like Nathalie and JC's character in the movie, high hopes are pegged for these talented youngsters.

Watch and be inspired!

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