Feather Prats charms social media with her beauty

Feather Prats charms social media with her beauty

- Learn more about John Prats and Isabel’s 6-month old firstborn, Lilly Feather Daytia Prats

- She also has her own Instagram account where her parents upload her progress every month through a photoshoot

- Philippine celebrity babies are the newest craze that Filipinos love on social media

Gone are “IT” girls, teen celebrities, and other famous personalities. This year, Filipinos on Instagram found themselves a new batch of stars to follow. They’re younger, smaller, and innocent yet, they’re already everyone’s favorites.

If you still don’t know who they are then how about Scarlet Snow, Zion Gutierrez, and Olivia Manzano-Reyes? We think those clues are enough for you to guess correctly that they’re none other than the league of Philippine celebrity babies!

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Before the year ends, we’re adding another very qualified baby to the list! Let’s give it up for Lilly Feather Daytia Prats! The 6-month old daughter of actors John Prats and Isabel Oli.

It’s so obvious where she got her good looks from!

We know it’s already difficult to contain yourself from pinching her chubby cheeks but we have more pictures for you.

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Even during her mom Isabel’s pregnancy, her very unique name already caught everyone’s attention.

Since she’s the first child of the couple, it’s only fitting that they gave her the best. That’s why instead of just candid or stolen photos, they made it a point to document her progress every month.

Here she is during her first month while adorably wearing a flower crown. Is she a future fashionista in the making?

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Can she be any cuter? Here’s baby Feather as a mermaid.

In case you’re wondering, she only gets more attractive every month. Now that she’s half-a-year old, her parents took a photo of her with her books.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Instagram and like her photos!

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We can already see baby Feather making adorable videos like this!

Don’t you worry; baby Feather also has her own Instagram account. You can follow her on @featherprats!

Source: Kami.com.ph

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