How your kisses characterise you? 11 basic types

How your kisses characterise you? 11 basic types

We all express our love in different ways. It concerns hugs, some sweet everyday habits and, of course, kisses. Every person has a relatively unique manner of kissing, which may show some traits of their character.

Sheryl Kirschen, the author of “Science of Kissing”, claims that you can read people’s lips. Kiss is quite a long intimacy, and the following manners of kissing show  its character.

1. Kiss on one lip

How your kisses characterise you? 11 basic types

It’s a love kiss as it is. Instead of getting down and dirty, each of the partners is concentrated on one lip only. It’s a kiss of a happy couple. No matter how old are you, you still enjoy the company of each other.

2. Kiss on the cheek


This kiss shows affection and endearment to someone. Instead of deepening your kiss, you are chastely touched on your cheek with the lips. It’s a sign of friendship and affection. There is more tenderness than romance in it. It always happens in the beginning of any relationship. But if your partner still kisses you on the cheek, it’s nothing but friendship.

3. Kissing with the mouth closed


This kind of kiss shows that you are not 100% happy with each other. The partners’ lips are pursed and don’t let each other’s tongues in. It is like building a wall that protects your privacy. As Dickens said, “don’t close your mouths when your hearts are open to each other”.

4. French kiss


This type or kissing means that you want to deepen your knowledge of each other. Both literally and metaphorically, it means that words are not enough, or you don’t need them at all. You want to shorten the distance between you and your partner and become more intimate.

5. Spiderman kiss


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This is a spontaineous kiss when your forehead faces the partner’s chin. It means that your relationship are full or surprises. You both never fail to find an unusual way to show your feelings.

6. Nipping the lips


It is the sign of edginess and feisty character. There is passion in the subtext of this kiss, which must have a physical outlet. Your bedroom life seems to be OK. But you are feisty in a good way. It spices up your relationship.

7. Tender kiss


The tenderness of a gesture shows anticipation. It is teasing and heatening, rather than a calming stroke. This kiss showes the desire to tarry the pleasure.It has a good meaning and shows that you belong together.

8. Angel’s kiss


It’s a sign of safety, comfort and protection. A partner gently kisses the eyelid of another as if to remind, that there is Someone above, who watches the world. This kiss means that care and trust matters a lot in your relationship.

9. Slobbery kiss


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It is a pure sexual energy. It looks like two tigers fighting in the heat of a mating season, when the male tries to get the upper hand and faces resistance. This kiss shows that primal, sensual side of relationship overwhelms the spiritual one.

10. Beaking

How your kisses characterise you? 11 basic types

A quick short kiss with the lips pursed and the eyes closed. Like an acid test, it showes whether you need this relatonship at all, whether it leads to something more or not.

11. Butterfly’s kiss


You don’t even need lips for this. It’s a kiss by eyelids and eyelashes. It’s a young love’s kiss,rare in adult relationships. The meaning is simple: a new feeling and infatuation with each other, that is about to grow into classic kisses.


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