Muslims express panic over Trump win at US presidential race

Muslims express panic over Trump win at US presidential race

- Republican bet Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States

- Muslim nations have expressed their fear over his victory since he is known for his undying hatred over them

- Trump has revised his ban on Muslims, stating that those who come from countries 'compromised by terrorism' will not be allowed in the US

Our Muslim brothers and sisters have more to fear now that Donald Trump is the newest president of the United States.

It is known that the Republican bet is completely against Muslims, to the point that he would ban them from entering the country if he is elected president.


This man has made it known to the whole world his utter dislike for Muslims.

Since he is now the most powerful leader in the world, the implementation of his proclaimed ban might be sooner than we think.

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Muslim nations have reacted with disappointment and terror over Trump's win, with others expressing that America will attack their country.

Indonesian activist Alijah Diete noted that her country's relationship with the US will become tense again, which might also be the case with countries in the Middle East where most Muslims live.

However, others think that Trump's stance on Muslims will only boost extremism as the infamous terror group ISIS will retaliate harder once the United States uses their full force on them.

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Although only 15 percent of Filipinos are Muslims, they are not exempt from Trump's proposed policy.

It is also known that Trump called Filipinos terrorists and animals in a campaign rally, along with other countries he deemed are 'compromised by terrorism'.

He has then rephrased his ban on Muslims, stating that those who come terrorist nations will not be allowed in the United States.

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The Philippines has some of the world's most infamous terror groups - such as the Abu Sayyaf. They are notorious for kidnapping foreigners for ransom and beheading them when their demands have not been met.

We have yet to hear what Filipino Muslims have to say about Trump's win since they are not the only ones affected by his purported ban but the rest of the Philippines as well.


What must be going through Trump's mind on everybody but himself.

If you are a Filipino Muslim reading this and have something to say, please feel free to share your thoughts and comments about this issue.

The news might get worse each day, but do not let it dampen our national spirit. Watch as these Nigerians get candid if they are proud of their nation, or if they are just like everybody else who has been disappointed with their own government.

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