Donald Trump holds shock lead against Hilary Clinton

Donald Trump holds shock lead against Hilary Clinton

- America has now voted whether they want Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton to be their next president

- Trump has edged Clinton in a tight race, but has the upper lead out of the absolute majority of votes

- Trump has dominated the southern states while Clinton commanded over the northeastern ones

US citizens have now cast their vote on who would be their next president - with much shocking results.

Although far from final, Republican bet Donald Trump is leading ahead in the race against his adversary, Democrat Hilary Clinton.

The American businessman-turned-presidential hopeful has got the votes of southern states, with Texas as its major supporter with 38 electoral votes.


The results are in: red is for Republican, blue is for Democrat.

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As per BBC's live coverage, Trump has dominated these states:

Montana - 3 electoral votes

Wyoming - 3 electoral votes

North Dakota - 3 electoral votes

South Dakota - 3 electoral votes

Idaho - 4 electoral votes

Nebraska - 5 electoral votes

West Virginia - 5 electoral votes

Kansas - 6 electoral votes

Arkansas - 6 electoral votes

Mississipi - 6 electoral votes

Oklahoma - 7 electoral votes

Louisiana - 8 electoral votes

Kentucky - 8 electoral votes

Alabama - 9 electoral votes

South Carolina - 9 electoral votes

Missouri - 10 electoral votes

Tennessee - 11 electoral votes

Indiana - 11 electoral votes

North Carolina - 15 electoral votes

Ohio - 18 electoral votes

Florida - 29 electoral votes

Texas - 38 electoral votes

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It is no surprise that Trump has prevailed over these areas as the South is known to be Republican.

The same can be said for Clinton who has commanded the votes of northeastern states such as:

Delaware - 3 electoral votes

Vermont - 3 electoral votes

Rhode Island - 4 electoral votes

Hawaii - 4 electoral votes

New Mexico - 5 electoral votes

Connecticut - 7 electoral votes

Oregon - 7 electoral votes

Colorado - 9 electoral votes

Maryland - 10 electoral votes

Massachusetts - 11 electoral votes

Washington - 12 electoral votes

Virginia - 13 electoral votes

New Jersey - 14 electoral votes

Illinois - 20 electoral votes

New York - 29 electoral votes

California - 55 electoral votes

Only 7 states yet have not finalized their electoral votes on either candidates - Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Maine.

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As of press time, Trump already 254 out of 270 majority votes which means that he only has 16 electoral votes left before he wins the race.

Clinton, on the other hand, has 209 out of 270, which means she needs 61 electoral votes before she could be declared the winner.


The race is getting tighter each moment, but it looks there is already a definite winner.

In total, the race needs only 75 electoral votes before either one could be the declared America's new president.

If Trump wins, he is in the same company as one of these foreign leaders - and even our own president.

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