Hold-upper shot dead by female security guard caught on CCTV

Hold-upper shot dead by female security guard caught on CCTV

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A shocking CCTV footage showing a brave female security guard successfully killing an armed hold-upper in a store has swept the online community.


Hold-upper shot dead by female security guard caught on CCTV (Photo: Facebook)

The video begins with the security guard and some of the store’s employees working normally inside the store.

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A few moments later, a gunman enters the scene to try and rob the business establishment. However, the security guard was quick to react as she drew and shot her gun right at the criminal’s chest.

The hold-upper fell immediately on the floor dead as the female guard surveys the scene.

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Many netizens applauded the woman for successfully defending the store.

“Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman,” the netizen who shared the video posted.

“Ang lupit ni Ate malapitan talaga buti nalang bagito ang holduper at walang kasama dilikado sya dun pero ang tapang nya talagang nilapitan pa nya hanga ako sau,” another social media user said.

(The woman is very impressive. She is very brave and I admire her. Fortunately, the hold-upper was inexperienced and alone.)

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Several netizens also commented that the female guard did the right thing by firing upon the criminal without hesitation instead of forcing him to drop his gun and surrender.

According to social media users, what the woman did probably saved lives and spared the business owner from having his store robbed.

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