Arci Muñoz becomes Sailor Moon for Halloween

Arci Muñoz becomes Sailor Moon for Halloween

- Arci Muñoz successfully imitated the Japanese character Sailor Moon during her trip to Japan for the Halloween

- She nailed the look from head to toe by gamely wearing a wig, contact lens, and even using the perfect props

- Arci previously cosplayed the character of Harley Quinn where she received praises for nailing the look

After her many effective portrayals, it’s totally obvious by now that Arci Muñoz is a chameleon who can do any roles if she puts her mind to it.

She can easily transition from being a seductive woman to someone who will make you end up laughing due to her crazy antics. This is why it’s no surprise that she has also been a fan of cosplaying for a long time.

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If you were in awe of her own version of Harley Quinn then you will be more surprised by seeing her as Sailor Moon during this year’s Halloween.

Arci even flew all the way to Japan to show off her cosplaying skills. At first, we thought she was just going for an effortless look with this onesies inspired by “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

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But then she suddenly brought her A+ game at the Universal Studios where she posed with other cosplayers of Harley Quinn and the Joker.

It turned out she has always been a fan of anime and Sailor Moon, in particular. This must be the reason why she easily pulled off the look from the golden blonde hair down to the red boots.

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Her efforts didn’t end there as she posted this close up photo of her. She even wore blue eye contacts to really imitate Sailor Moon! Even her accessories were on point.

What makes everything more fun was Arci’s willingness to really invest herself in the character. Here is she posing with others on what she called the “Battle Royal” pose.

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If she decides to do one of her Anime cosplays again next year, we’ll definitely be in the front row waiting for it.

Can these babies really flirt better than everyone else including Arci?

Arci can be regularly seen on her teleserye with Jericho Rosales and John Estrada titled “Magpahanggang Wakas.”

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