Corpse in Capiz, not decomposing since 1929

Corpse in Capiz, not decomposing since 1929

- Capiz City is known for its mysteries and haunted stories

- One of these is the story about Lola Bebe of Pillar, Capiz

- Lola Bebe has not decomposed yet since her death in 1929

Capiz City is one of the provinces in the Philippines that are filled with mysteries and stories that will surely give you the creeps at night.

Corpse in Capiz, not decomposing since 1929

Corpse in Capiz, not decomposing since 1929

One story is about a corpse of an old woman who died in 1989 but has not decomposed yet until now.

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It was in the year of 1989 when the story about the corpse of Maria de Jesus Basanyes, or popularly known as Lola Bebe of Pillar, Capiz was featured in “Magandang Gabi Bayan” hosted by Noli De Castro.

This corpse that does not decompose is considered as a miracle by many residents of Barangay Casanayan.

May 29, 1929 was the day when Lola Bebe died at the age of 45 because of heart attack. After 10 years, her body was excavated but some of her hair and teeth were still intact with her body, while her whole body seemed like it was made from wood.

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Another thing that shocked the family of Lola Bebe was that her eyes did not even decompose yet despite the number of years her body spent under the ground.

When Noli De Castro visited the body of Lola Bebe in Barangay Casanayan after 30 years, there was not much of a difference.

Present in the residence of Lola Bebe were the devotees who believe that Lola Bebe’s corpse can heal those who are sick.


Watch the video below and try not to be scared at the corpse of Lola Bebe!

On a side note, here is a video of paralysed brothers that is sure to scare you!

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