The ultimate guide to sleeping positions for couples

The ultimate guide to sleeping positions for couples

The pose of “spoon” is one of the most comfortable sleeping pose. But only a few knows that your spooning style can reveal something about you, your partner and your relationship. So, let’s begin:

1. Little Spoon — Caring And Sensitive


You’re very selective when it’s about people you’re about to let into your life. Those who are already part of your life must be lucky. You will never be selfish towards them, you always take other’s feelings into account, and you expect them to do the same.

2. Big Spoon — Defender


You are level-headed and ready for anything. When people have difficulties they always can count on you. You often put your loved ones ahead of yourself, as their happiness is very important to you.

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3. Uncommitted Spoon — Independent And Tactful


Your best quality is that you’re a natural diplomat. You think through your every decision, every move. You won’t make any decisions when you’re angry. It’s important for you to have your personal space, your own territory both physically and mentally but that doesn’t make you any less committed.

4. Koala — Honest And Gentle


You’re very honest, wear your heart on your sleeve. You won’t tolerate games , never hide your true emotions.

5. Big Little Spoon — Soft And Calm


Whatever your actions are, your intentions are always good. You feel everything deeply. At first you make an impression of a strong and unfazed person, but only people who know you well know your vulnerabilities.

6. Double Limb Spoon — Loving And Reliable


You are a confident person. You don’t need to boast or envy. Most of all you value honesty.

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7. Little Big Spoon — Considerate And Strong


You’re likely to be the wisest among your friends, people ask you for advice, and you subconsciously try to take care of your loved ones.

8. Leg Sandwich — Original And Funny


You have a great sense of humor and a desire to try everything new. You’re very energetic and try to get everything done in 24 hours. People find it interesting and fun to be around you.


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