Ito'y isang pagmamahal na talagang wagas!

Ito'y isang pagmamahal na talagang wagas!

- Ian Mandal and Abigail Perez Rojo were a happy couple until Abigail got sick

- She was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer

- Ian regretted the day she died, not having been able to tell her how much he loves her

Ito'y isang pagmamahal na talagang wagas!

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It isn’t all the time that we are given somebody to love and treasure.

The story of Ian Mandal and Abigail Perez Rojo (Ayie) carries with it the bittersweet truth about the realities of a relationship. You just have to treasure and love the person while he is there right beside you.

Ian was the kind of guy who does not take things seriously. One day, he met Ayie, who turned his world upside down.

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Ayie brought about the change that for so long he was not able to do.

He became more responsible, he continued his studies and he definitely changed for the better.

Just when they he thought that Ayie would be by his side for the rest of his life, she started to get sick.

Every single day she would cough uncontrollably, until such time that she would faint whenever they go out.

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Ayie was brought to the hospital and she was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. It was also found that she had water in her heart and left lung.

Although her pericardial window procedure was successful, she wasn’t able to undergo chemotherapy immediately.

They had to transfer to a cheaper hospital for the chemotherapy.

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Ayie’s condition worsened. Her health deteriorated. Soon, she no longer eats and could only sleep for 2 to 3 hours.

On that fateful day, which Ian will never ever forget, Ayie didn’t eat nor sleep, and Ian got mad at her, thinking that she was a bit hardheaded.

Little did he know that it was the last evening that they would be together.

Oh how he regretted getting mad at Ayie. How he wished that instead of shouting at her, he could just have held her in his arms and made her feel how much he loves her.

While your loved one is alive, never let a day pass without expressing your love for him or her.

This couple may also have an endless love!

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