4 Pinay na sumablay sa beauty pageant

4 Pinay na sumablay sa beauty pageant

Competing in a beauty pageant with thousands or millions carefully observing your every move is a daunting task for anybody. Nerves definitely come into play during the big night and every contestant is prone to making mistakes.

The videos below show some of the biggest bloopers involving Filipina beauty queens.

They are definitely funny but they are also very inspiring – for these beauty queens accepted their mistakes and moved on with grace and confidence.


Kylie Versoza (Instagram page of Kylie Versoza)

Janina San Miguel

At the 2008 Bb. Pilipinas contest, Janina San Miguel was doing well initially, winning two major awards – best in long gown and swimsuit.

Her downfall came during the question and answer portion after getting into the final ten. Her nerves, inexperience and young age overcame her thought process and she spent almost all of her time justifying why she is failing at the question and answer portion.

Despite her epic fail, she still shockingly won the Bb. Pilipinas World!

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Miriam Quiambao

Quiambao won first runner-up at the 1999 Miss Universe pageant, but she had to suffer a little embarrassment before winning!

During her long gown walk, Quiambao infamously stumbled on stage in front of the whole world. But being a real professional, the beauty queen quickly regained her composure and went on like nothing happened.

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Jeannie Anderson

Anderson was asked at the Bb. Pilipinas question and answer portion which one she would rather be – smart or beautiful? The question rattled the beauty queen, with the audience laughing at her obvious panic and nervousness.

She was still able to answer the question, saying that she would rather be naturally beautiful because a person’s intelligence can be improved through hard work.

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Venus Raj

Raj went viral at the 2010 Miss Universe pageant for inventing a new term called “Major Major.”

That phrase was then used by many Pinoys during her popularity to describe something that is considered as a very big deal.

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