Lalaking nagpatattoo ng mukha ni De Lima, pansamantalang 'sinolusyonan' ang kahihiyan

Lalaking nagpatattoo ng mukha ni De Lima, pansamantalang 'sinolusyonan' ang kahihiyan

- One of Kwarog Tattoo's designs had been making the rounds on the Internet, because a guy who 'allegedly' stole it had spin a believable story with a hilariously twisted solution to the problem

- Jay-ar Castillo Dinglasan, the guy who posted the tattoo and claimed it as his own had cleverly spun a story to which netizens have made funny comments

- Kwarog had lambasted another netizen named John Tordan who originally 'stole' the design, from which Dinglasan's trending post had originated from

A netizen named Jay-ar Castillo Dinglasan decided to 'adopt' one of the tattoo designs posted on a fan-based Facebook page Kwarog Tattoos (@kwarogtattoos) and spin his own version of an appeal to have the tattoo removed.


Guy 'solved' his tattoo problem the funny way

In a post made by Kwarog Tattoos, they lambasted the Dinglasan for allegedly 'stealing' their design, which eventually sent him to the top of the trending topics on social media.


Kwarog Tattoos' original post Photo credit: Kwarog Tattoos' Facebook page

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In Dinglasan's post, he claimed that he had the tattoo six years earlier, while he was still a fan of Senator Leila De Lima. His story went on to say how much of an embarrassment he has become after the allegations made against the lady senator has besmirched her name. Fed up with being the object of ridicule among peers, he put up the post to ask for advice about having the tattoo removed, but claimed to have temporary 'solved' the problem by covering it up with a permanent marker.


Jay-ar Castillo Dingalasan's tattoo story Photo credit: Jay-ar Castillo Dinglasan's Facebook page

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The admin of the page, Kwarog Tattoos, took it upon themselves to shame Dinglasan for 'stealing' the design by posting, "He used one of my works and he made his own story... xa pa nagtrending haha genius! (now he is the one trending)" to which Dinglasan apologized and gave the credits to.

Following the post shaming Dinglasan, Kwarog Tattoos also posted another post, an earlier post made by a certain John M. Tordan, who also appealed for help to find a place to have the tattoo removed.


John M. Tordan posted a photo claiming Leila De Lima was inked into his body Photo credit: Freedom Wall (original) Facebook page

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Dinglasan then posted a response to Kwarog Tattoo's post saying, "Eto talaga yung unang nakita ko , kala ko sya original owner HAHA , Tapos pinost ko rin nilagyan ko lang ng Twist Idol haba Credit sayo."

(I originally saw this post, I thought he was the original owner HAHA, then I reposted and added a Twist Idol haba Credit to you.)

Dinglasan's story had garnered comments that would send you into fits of laughter, very much like the Nigerian guy's worst nightmare.

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