Lauren Reid pinractice ang kanyang Filipino sa Twitter

Lauren Reid pinractice ang kanyang Filipino sa Twitter

- Lauren Reid, the older sister of James Reid, is a newcomer in the showbiz industry

- The half-Australian, half-Filipina model practiced her Filipino on Twitter as she translated one of her tweets

- Netizens gave her positive feedback while some gave her constructive criticism

Although she has not been given an acting project yet, Lauren Reid has took it upon herself to improve one of her assumed weaknesses - speaking in Filipino.

Like her popular brother, 'Till I Met You' star James Reid, Lauren was raised outside of the country and was not able to use much of the local language despite going back and forth from the Philippines to Australia.

It is known that in the industry, speaking Filipino is a must - more so if you are a half-Filipino aspirant who has lived in a foreign country.

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Five days ago, the half-Australian, half-Filipina model tweeted that she was too exhausted that she fell asleep while folding away her laundry.

However, she was not able to finish it and was still left with a mountain of clothes on her bed.

Afterwards, she challenged herself to translate her tweet in Filipino, to which she asked her followers about their honest opinion.

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Her next tweet after was her translation attempt, which we admit needs a little more work.

Netizens, however, were supportive of her and said that she is improving.

Even her friend, singer Kiana Valenciano, responded that she was also amused by Lauren's effort.

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Other netizens corrected her in the best way possible, as they offered their expertise on the language.

Compared to Jessy Mendiola's wrong grammar during the 10th Star Magic Ball, Lauren's attempt to use her country's language has not received any flak from netizens.

It is a good thing that the fans of James Reid and Nadine Lustre's love team, more popularly known as JaDine, has helped the sister of one of their idols to improve her Filipino.

She then tweeted that she has accepted their constructive criticism and hoped that she is almost getting the hang of the language.

Here is a clip about Lauren, in case you need to know more about her:

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