9 beses na ginulat tayo ni Andrea Brillantes sa kanyang pagdadalaga

9 beses na ginulat tayo ni Andrea Brillantes sa kanyang pagdadalaga

- Andrea Brillantes has been known to be talented young actress

- While that may still be true, she’s no longer as young as you think she is

- She has grown up to be a beautiful lady and here are photos to prove it

Are you ready to feel old?

Andrea Brillantes started as a formidable child star in show business. She has easily captured our hearts with her angelic face and good nature, so it’s no wonder that we can’t keep ourselves from obsessing how different she looks now.

The little girl we once knew has gracefully matured as a lady – and a fine one at that.

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These photos would make you realize how she’s probably the next Liza Soberano with how stunning she naturally is.

1. Even with at least half of her face covered up with bangs and shielded with sunglasses, Andrea knows how to deliver the ‘fierce’ look.

2. Can she get anymore naturally gorgeous? Actually, no – she might take that as a challenge and shock us even more. Andrea simply showed us that she has no actual need for make-up since she already looks flawless to begin with!

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3. Nice try, girl. But if you were aiming on at least making a fool of yourself, you failed – because you just became a whole lot cuter! Some people say that a true beauty would not be afraid on posing wacky; well, here you have it.

4. School girl no more? Andrea gives us an idea on how to dress up for work and still rock it even with bed hair.

5. That’s not Anne Curtis or any other famous super model out there. That’s Andrea! Her cover shoot for an esteemed magazine this month made you look twice (or thrice, maybe four times?), are we right?

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6. If you’re starting to get the feeling that her fringe is the huge factor playing on her breathtaking appearance, then here’s a slick-back hairdo as proof that it isn’t. She seems to be on a totally different level of chic here, aye?

7. Here’s another occasion of Andrea sans-bangs, but this time, she’s donning an up-do to match her frilly skirt. She could easily pass as a ballerina with this look!

8. You might think that had one of the dozens of professional make-up artists apply cosmetics to her in this photo, but never assume before reading the caption. Yes, she did that herself! If she’s showing interest on beautifying herself, then we believe she’s already in full swing on becoming mature.

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9. You might ask, why did we say she’s a goddess? Here’s to prove our point.

It’s not only Andrea who can pull off any sort of ensemble, these kids can too!

Andrea’s breakthrough in the entertainment scene was when she landed the main lead on the hit afternoon series “Annaliza” along with Zanjoe Marudo.

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