Batang Haponesa, hindi nakaligtas sa karisma ni Duterte

Batang Haponesa, hindi nakaligtas sa karisma ni Duterte

- President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, in his 3-day official visit to Japan, is believed to have received a warm welcome from the Filipino community and the Japanese government

- Little did the President know, that aside from the official reception in Japan, he was welcomed by 3-year-old Koko-chan

- In a two-part video currently making rounds online, Koko-chan innocently showed us what the young ones really think of the President and in the process teaches us all how to treat President Duterte better

Most people would be mortified to see a girl kissing a television screen, however much of a fangirl she is. However, that unique mix of disgust and embarrassment, as it turns out, is not something understood by children, especially not this particular Japanese girl.

As President Rodrigo Duterte meets with officials in Japan for his 3-day visit, a video of a Japanese girl kissing the Philippine president on-screen eclipsed his first day.


Koko-chan spotted attempting to kiss and hug President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Photo credit: screen grab from Facebook post by Kristine Mae Binoya Emnace

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The adorable girl in this viral video currently wreaking havoc on social media is Koko-chan.

As Duterte was shown on TV while speaking to Japanese officials, Koko-chan's video is making its rounds on the web.

Uploaded by what most netizens believe to be the girl's mother, Kristine Mae Benoya Emnace, on October 25th, the two-part video is blazing Koko-chan's trail to fame.

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Koko-chan has officially succumbed to the infamous Duterte charm and the little girl in her innocent adoration for the President went on and kissed him several times without any qualms - on-screen, no less!

In her innocent trust and undisguised love for Duterte, signified by her open-arm attempt to hug the Philippine President, it seems little Koko-chan is all of us.

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The two-part video now have 147K and 5.7K views from all over the world. It has been shared by thousands of people and several media sites.

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