Mga opisyal ng Japan nag-aalala sa mga asal ni Duterte

Mga opisyal ng Japan nag-aalala sa mga asal ni Duterte

- Japanese officials are becoming paranoid about the manners that Duterte will show when he meets with Emperor Akihito on Friday

- They are afraid that the Philippine President would be chewing gum, which will be disrespectful to the Emperor

- One lawmaker said that he trusts Duterte understands the consequences of his actions and that he won’t do such a thing

Mga opisyal ng Japan nag-aalala sa mga asal ni Duterte

President Duterte (Photo credit:

President Duterte’s unconventional behavior has caused quite a stir in the international community and Japan is no exception.

Tokyo officials are getting worried about how the President would behave during his stay in Japan especially when Duterte will be meeting with Emperor Akihito. Wondering what the crux of their worry is? It’s the President chewing gum while meeting the Emperor!

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Aside from the fact that Tokyo officials are getting paranoid about Duterte misbehaving during a meeting with the Emperor, another aspect that got Japanese officials on their toes is the unstable foreign policy of the President.

He is known for making one statement in a particular venue, only to take it back on his next interview.

Mga opisyal ng Japan nag-aalala sa mga asal ni Duterte

Emperor Akihito (Photo credit: CBC)

For Japanese officials, prior to the epic meeting between the two leaders, they already sent an unsolicited advice for the Philippine President to somehow behave properly.

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The President has been defying customs and norms in the international community.

One of his trademarks was chewing gum during official meetings. It was noted that during his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Duterte didn’t choose the formal Philippine “barong” but wore a business suit instead.

During the signing ceremony, he was chewing gum, and was doing the same thing during the handshake. Aside from the gum-chewing, Duterte also doesn’t like buttoning the top of his shirt and would normally wear jeans or slacks.

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“When (Duterte) will make a courtesy visit to the emperor, his behavior during the event could have a major impact. I trust he understands the consequences and he would not do such a thing (as chewing gum), but I do hope the Philippine side to remind him of that particular point,” said Itsunori Onodera, a Japanese senior lawmaker, during a talk show on Sunday.

Some government officials really have a way of embarrassing their government, just like this minister.

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