6 na artistang nagmura at nakunan ng camera

6 na artistang nagmura at nakunan ng camera

Celebrities live a life that is revered by common folk. Because of their status in the society and constantly being in the public eye, celebrities must be very careful in protecting their image to avoid criticism.

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There are times that celebrities slipped from their pedestals and commit mistakes. Cursing on TV is a big no-no for celebrities as they will be called out by viewers and MTRCB. However, some celebrities accidentally were caught swearing on cam.

Marian Rivera

The primetime queen is notorious for being a mataray. There were many occasions that the actress was caught by fans showing anger and aggression.

Claudine Barretto

Hosting ASAP back then was one of the weekly tasks of Claudine in her home network. In this particular episode, she slipped on stage and swore in shock.

Georgina Wilson

Model Georgina Wilson was a judge of “Showtime” and swore after she made a mistake of addressing the Group 1 as Group 2.

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Angeline Quinto

One of the singers of ASAP, Angeline Quinto slipped on stage and swore by surprise.


In a shoot of Globe commercial, Pokwang threw a tantrum and cursed at the director and the staff.

Joseph Morong

GMA reporter Joseph Morong accidentally cursed during a flash report out of frustration when the line did not connect and he cannot hear the news anchor.

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