9 things that make Chito Miranda the perfect husband

9 things that make Chito Miranda the perfect husband

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig’s love life reached a lowpoint when Chito’s sex tapes were leaked online. Despite all of those hardships, the two have become stronger together.

In fact, a year after the tapes were released, the two had a civil wedding and a formal one as well. Now, Neri is currently pregnant and due anytime soon.

Throughout all these, Chito has remained an affectionate and vocal husband about how he loves his wife so much. His Facebook and Instagram posts prove that he is the sweetest and perfect husband for Neri.

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1. He’s a man who doesn’t want to leave his wife

Chito goes on tours in different parts of the country and even abroad. He can’t fathom the idea of leaving his wife, especially now that he is pregnant. He’d rather cuddle back into bed than leave for his job.

2. Chito’s boss is his wife

Neri prefers to do her own laundry even if they have maids to do it for them. She remains adamant to Chito’s request that she should just rest, so Chito has no other choice than to follow her wife. Happy wife, happy life as they say, right?

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3. Sees the beauty in simplicity

The Parokya ni Edgar band vocalist shared a rather, normal photo, as he would say. But for him, the mundaneness of this photo is what he wants and loves in his life right now. He just sees the beauty in simplicity, especially with his wife’s “hindi man lang naka-ayos” look.

4. Supportive husband of Neri’s endeavors

Chito shares how he is proud of Neri for being able to do her businesses well even if she just started with a small capital. He doesn’t give her money, but he gives her everything else she needs for her businesses to thrive.

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5. Accepting of his wife’s tantrums

He shares a funny story of when they were sleeping; Neri would get the entire blanket to herself. Chito shares that he gets annoyed but then Neri would hug him tightly and suddenly everything gets better.

6. Funny husband

Chito is usually known for his funny lyrics on Parokya ni Edgar songs so it’s not wonder that he would emanate the same humor on his daily life. This photo pretty sums up why Neri loves him very dearly.

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7. Sweet yet frank

In this video, we see a different side of Chito towards his wife. He’s mostly sweet and funny, but he can also be frank. Honesty is really good in relationships, which is why these two are inseparable.

8. A sentimental man

He shares another sweet story that would make anyone lucky to have Chito as a husband.

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9. So in love with Neri

Overall, he is just totally in love with his wife. He shares on social media almost everyday why he loves her and shows us how lucky Neri is.

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