Jessy Mendiola wrong grammar is the most shocking moment in Star Magic Ball history

Jessy Mendiola wrong grammar is the most shocking moment in Star Magic Ball history

- Netizens cannot bear to watch Jessy Mendiola’s interview at the Star Magic Ball with her rumoured boyfriend, Luis Manzano

- People commented on Jessy’s wrong grammar in social media

- Luis’ ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin was not in attendance at the Star Magic Ball

Netizens cringed on Jessy Mendiola’s answer in an interview at the recent Star Magic Ball. The actress’ response to boyfriend Luis Manzano’s statement is incoherent.


Jessy Mendiola wrong grammar in Star Magic Ball interview goes viral

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Luis commented that this year’s Star Magic Ball was attended by gorgeous men and women, but complimented his rumoured girlfriend Jessy Mendiola to be the most beautiful among attendees. In verbatim, the interview went:

Luis: I am claiming that I have the most beautiful date this evening.

Jessy: What am I say to that?

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Just when you thought that the interview cannot get any worse, the reporter Sarah Meier said that this year’s theme is “Black and White,” but noticed the couple’s red accents on their clothing. Luis explained, “We don't live by the rules. We're rebels. Let's put a bit of red.

However, the conversation went to a weird turn Jessy revealed the color of Luis’ underwear is also red. Sarah jokingly said that she did not want to go to that area and will leave that to Jessy’s judgment, to which Luis can only flash a fake smile.

While the two has not officially confirmed that they are an item, rumor has it that Luis’ mother Star for all Seasons Vilma Santos-Recto is not in favour of Jessy. The actress-turned-politician wanted his son to end up with Angel Locsin.

Locsin was not present at the event. Her first and last appearance in Star Magic Ball was in 2009 with Luis.

Watch the video of the cringe-worthy moment below.

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