Korean star Park Bo Gum mobbed by Filipino supporters

Korean star Park Bo Gum mobbed by Filipino supporters

- The lead actor of Korea's latest hit period drama "Love in the Moonlight" arrived at the Mactan Cebu International Airport on Friday and was mobbed by enthusiastic fans

- Park Bo Gum along with the staff and crew is in Cebu to celebrate their show's high ratings

- "Love in the Moonlight," also known as "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds," is in the top spot among Korean dramas according to a list released by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation a month ago

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South Korean actor Park Bo Gum was mobbed by a crowd of dedicated fans when the lead star of the hit historical drama "Love in the Moonlight," turn up on Friday at the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

Supporters of the well-loved Korean celebrity were very excited and became a little aggressive to get near their idol. Some tried to hold him firmly while he was moving towards his private automobile.

One of his admirers posted a video on Twitter to which she described what they have been through.

"The struggle is real," Rovelyn Batirzal (@JoyBatirzal) tweeted.

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Meanwhile, an unofficial fan-made Facebook page of Park has encouraged fellow well-wishers to give them some space to rest, more so, a reason why it's worth it to come back in the Philippines.

"Team Cebu,
Guys, guys please. #STOP following them around now. The cast, staffs and crews need to rest now. All the stress from the airport scene, all the way to their chosen hotel is not doing any good to them. Just think of how tired they are, 2-3 hours of flight is not as relaxing as a 2 minute ride. #ALLOW them to rest now, #PLEASE. They came here for a well-deserved vacation, they wont get the most of it if you will continue to butt around where the first sign of their shadows are seen. Please #GIVE them the relaxation and enjoyment that they are looking for in Cebu. #BEHAVE and #RESPECT their personal spaces. I know most of you are wildly driven by your feels but #THINK of how these feels are reflecting to them. It is not #HEALTHY anymore, it is #STRESSFUL (even I am already stressed out just by seeing everyone following and stalking everyone). Get a hold of yourselves please. Let us give it them, #LET #THEM #REST and please #LEAVE #THEM #ALONE #FOR #NOW #JUSEYO"

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According to a report from the Daily K-Pop News, Park's team is in Cebu to reward themeselves for gaining high ratings in their period drama series.

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"Love in the Moonlight," otherwise known as "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds," topped the list of Korean dramas based on a list released by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation.

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