Lovi admits feeling awkward with certain sex position with Derek

Lovi admits feeling awkward with certain sex position with Derek

- Actress Lovi Poe admitted that she somewhat felt uncomfortable in a sex scene she was supposed to do with Derek Ramsay

- Derek insisted not to do the particular sex position which he thought was inappropriate

- The movie The Escort is Lovi and Derek's upcoming movie together with Christopher DE Leon and Albie Casino

Actress Lovi Poe, no doubt, is a professional actress given that she has done several daring scenes on her previous movies and TV series.

However, Lovi admitted that one particular sex scene which involves a certain sex position made her a bit uncomfortable. She then said that despite her willingness to do the sex scene for the upcoming film The Escort, Derek Ramsay who was supposed to do the scene with her, insisted not to pursue with it.

"Si Derek kasi, we’re talking about it na… Our director [Enzo Williams] was actually saying… I cannot tell you kasi meron siyang twist sa story na even when I read it I was really, really shocked."

Lovi Poe and Derek Ramsay (Photo from inquirer.net)

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According to Lovi, the film requires a certain sexual imagination so their director suggested the position. She and Derek then talked about it but he suggested not to do it. Lovi said:

"But since I was thinking about it, si Derek na mismo yung nagsabi na huwag na so doon ko din na feel ko sa kanya yung pag-aalaga na gusto niya, because any guy would say let's just do it, pero he didn't."

Lovi explained that she offers art and she usually accepts whatever the director tells her to do though she gets nervous at first. But then Derek said in a separate interview that it was inappropriate for the two of them to do the daring sex position. She shared:


Love scene shoot (Photo from elitenewsfeed.org)

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"There are so many things that I'm willing to do, as long as it's done tastefully and thank you Direk because our scenes were really tastefully done so I think that's the most important thing, no matter kahit ano man yung ginawa ko, maganda naman siyang tignan."

The Escort starring Lovi, Derek, Christopher De leon, and Albie Casino will be screened nationwide on November 2.

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