Marian Rivera in costume for her 9 most notable roles

Marian Rivera in costume for her 9 most notable roles

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is well-known not only as the face that could launch a thousand ships just like Helen of Troy, but also as a promising and versatile actress who brought life to several roles both in films and TV, leaving a mark to every Filipino audience.

1. Marimar


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It is an adaptation of a Mexican telenovela where part of the original storylines were changed to suit the standard of a Filipino drama. First aired on August 13, 2007, Marian Rivera rose to fame with her major role as Marimar. This is one of the biggest breaks in her career history.

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2. Dyesebel


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Following the success of Marimar, Marian was given another show. She topbilled the fantasy-themed series Dyesebel from April 28-October 17, 2008. The popular mermaid character was created by graphic novelist Mars Ravelo.

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3. Darna


An adaptation from the same renowned graphic novelist Mars Ravelo, Darna is a famous fictional superheroine played by Marian Rivera. The series had its premiere on August 10, 2009 and run until February 9, 2010.

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4. Super Inday


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Marian portrayed the role of a simple and an innocent province girl, Inday. Her encounter with Goldy, a fallen angel, led to her superpowers. The fantasy-adventure flick directed by Mike Tuviera started hitting cinemas on December 25, 2010.

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5. Ang Panday 2


Marian Rivera as Arlana

The box office fantasy film was released in theaters from December 25, 2011 onward. Marian played the role of Arlana, a lady who transforms into a dragon.

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6. Amaya


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Acclaimed as the Philippines' first epicserye and period drama, Amaya invaded the primetime TV from May 30, 2011 until January 13, 2012. Marian took the role in the historical drama as a tribal princess who was fated to alter culture in a male-dominated society.

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7. Temptation of Wife


This romantic drama series which was a remake of the Korean hit series of the same title banners Marian Rivera as one of the four major characters. It runs from October 29, 2012 up to April 5, 2013. Marian here gave character to Angeline and Chantal Gonzales who took revenge against his husband after a tragic incident.

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8. Kung Fu Divas


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Released on October 2, 2013, Marian Rivera played as the mysterious Samantha/Mena in the action comedy film directed by Onat Diaz.

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9. Encantadia


Ynang Reyna Mine-a. Photo from GMA Network

In the 2016 requel of the hit telefantasya Encantadia, Marian Rivera played as Ynang Reyna Mine-a, the Queen of Lireo and the mother of Sang'gres Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya.

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Marian Rivera is well-loved by her supporters because of her exceptional acting skills, more so, for the admirable reasons that you will find in this video.


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