8 photos of Baby Olivia that are way too adorable to ignore

8 photos of Baby Olivia that are way too adorable to ignore

- The very finesse baby Olivia Reyes continues to be the darling of social media with her innocent antics

- The only daughter of the radio jockey Andi Manzano and GP Reyes already has more than 257,000 followers on her own Instagram account

- Here are 8 photos of her which will make you realize why she must be the most adorable baby you’ll see

Are you feeling sad today? Or maybe you want to show a relative something amazing on the internet? We have a solution for you. Go to your Instagram app then search for ‘oliviamreyes’!

Voila! You finally understood why.

Expect this adorable girl of radio jockey Andi Manzano and GP Reyes to make you forget how many hours you’ve been browsing. Raised like a finesse lady, you will find her innocent ways refreshing.

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Here are 8 guaranteed times you will feel chirper upon seeing her.

1. This is definitely our favorite gigil face of Olivia! It turned out she always makes this face upon hearing the Mickey Mouse theme song. Whenever you read infuriating news or heard a snarky comment then just look at this picture to shoo the bad vibes away.

2. Do we have a little popstar in the making? It’s too early to say but baby Olivia is up for the job! We can’t understand for now what she’s singing but let’s give her an A+ for effort.

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3. Like a true lady, feeding an animal twice the size of it was really frightening. It’s a good thing his “Dada!” which she shouted for the moment she got scared was present. She might be a daddy’s girl after all.

4. Are you ready for Halloween? You better start preparing your costume because she’s already looking for hers. However, we really think you should look for other options, Baby Olivia. There’s no problem in pretending to be a witch but isn’t that hat a bit too large?

5. A pink crown fit for a princess! Olivia doesn’t have royal blood (that we know of) but she’s already a social media royalty. With over 257,000 followers on her Instagram account, bow down to Princess O!

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6. What do people usually do in Boracay? Swim then have a nice time partying? Baby Olivia can’t do that just yet. So for now, she’s just satisfied in burying herself in the sand.

7. Expect this trendy baby to not be left out on the popular dog filter of Snapchat. Can you hear her making dog sounds in the background? It’s totally adorable! We’ll surely be one of her followers if ever she makes an account on the application.

8. Before taking over the world, it’s good that she knows the importance of eating a healthy breakfast to start her day.

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Can we also see a video of a sleeping Olivia as cute as these babies?

Baby Olivia is in the ‘Big Apple’ right now together with her parents. She already visited the Central Zoo and we can’t wait to see more of her trip

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