Could God tell him to fight the lion? Sad story!

Could God tell him to fight the lion? Sad story!

This man thought he heard the voice of God in prayer. Allegedly he was told to go and fight the lion with bare hands. What happened next is so sad!

 fight a real lion

Believing in God and hearing His voice is a great blessing. However, some people confuse evil spirits for the true spiritual guidance from God. They think they hear the God’s voice, when in reality it is just a fruit of their imagination or devil’s deceit. A young man from Buenos Aires thought he got his instructions directly from heaven.

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He “heard the voice of god” telling him to go and fight a lion with bare hands. But he forgot one important truth: any prophesy or the word from the spiritual realm has to fall in line with the written Word of God – the Bible. If you ignore this fact, you can easily fall into deception!

 God told him to fight

God’s voice or prophesies should never contradict His word. When Jesus was tempted by the Satan to jump down from the temple he said:

“Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” (Matthew 4:7)

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There is not one passage in the Bible that tells us to go and fight wild animals. Why? Yes, Daniel was saved by God from lions, but he did not jump in the den on his own. He was pushed down there by the ungodly king!

man fight a real lion

This man listened to the wrong spirit and paid a high price for such a deception. He visited a local zoo and climbed the fence. He got into the den and started the fight with the beast. The devil comes to steal and kill, but God comes to give abundant life! The lion killed the man and that proves God never told him to fight one! Always stay on your guard and compare all the “voices” or prophesies with the written Word of God to stay away from the Satan’s lies!


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