6 surprising similarities of Duterte and Vladimir Putin

6 surprising similarities of Duterte and Vladimir Putin

Some people in search for their soulmate try to find someone who shares the same interests and who would love to do the same things they enjoy doing.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, being the tough man he is might just want to spend time getting to know Russia's Vladimir Putin for they actually have notable similarities.

Here are 6 reasons Duterte and Putin might consider for a start of something bromantic:

#1 They might enjoy a 'road trip' day out

President Duterte is known to drive around in the middle of the night riding a taxi cab or his motorbike to look for people committing crimes and to ensure the safety of Davao where he served as the mayor for a long time. On the other hand, Putin drove a Formula One race car on the tracks in 2010 where he dragged the car for several hours in 150 miles an hour.


Road trip buddies!

#2 They both broke up with their wife

Putin and his wife for 30 years, Lyudmila were divorced in 2013 while President Duterte and his first wife Elizabeth who was a flight stewardess were annulled. So, could this be a chance for the two leaders? Well, probably not.


Failed marriage.

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#3 These guys are well.. chic magnets

Apparently, the two leaders attract so many women for Putin is known for his "macho" image as he is perceived as a tough guy much like Duterte, a strong man who is a confessed womanizer, saying that he actually has two mistresses.


Girls can't help but have their photo taken!

#4 They are superheroes

Though known for being the tough guys and sometimes referred to as state villains, Duterte and Putin surely have soft spots. Duterte fights for the rights of indigenous people especially Muslims and Lumads, the reason why he pushed the anti-discrimination ordinance in Davao City. Putin meanwhile is a certified animal lover as he rescues and preserves endangered species. He even shot a whale for scientific studies.


Leaders with a heart.

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#5 Odd rumors are thrown at them

Putin was linked to the death of writer Alexander Litvinenko, a critic of the Russian leader, whom Putin reportedly poisoned. Duterte, who confirmed an accusation thrown at him, confessed that he forced a tourist to swallow a cigarette butt and a rumor had spread that he pushed a drug trafficker from a flying helicopter!


The rumors are stressing them out.

#6 They surely got some 'too' remarkable statements

Duterte has been a subject of criticism locally and internationally as he uttered strong and sometimes offensive statements such as cursing the European Union, describing Barack Obama as a son of a whore, and was even criticized for cat-calling and joking about rape. Putin, however, even has his 'Putinisms' or his remarkable catch-phrases and aphorisms such as "she sank" when asked what happened to the Russian submarine K-141 Kursk and "Ploughed like a slave on a galley" as how he described his job as a president from 2000-2008.


Well, they don't give a f*ck.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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